The benefits of fibre jacket for your seat cushions:

• Adjustable and feather-like
• Increased seating comfort
• Resiliant and durable; maintains shape and firmness
• Perfect for feather allergy sufferers
• Minimal need for plumping - improved shape retention compared to foam with fibre wadding

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Improve the comfort of your
seating with our ultimate

Fibre wrap-foam core is a specially designed solution from Aerofoam for seat cushions. Combining a fibre wrap with a foam core provides a more durable and comfortable piece of furniture whether for chairs, sofas, loungers, stools and more. Available in a range of specially fitted sizes, you can depend on our specialist service for a cushion to match the piece of furniture that you're manufacturing. 

We can provide you with a highly engineered fibre jacket for seating as an alternative to other fibre cushion techniques which collapse a lot sooner. Exhibiting a high loft and a soft sit, the foam core ensures improved durability with all the feelings and comforts of a fibre seat. Although a little more pricey than traditional fibre cushions, we think you'll find them worth every penny when you notice the enhanced quality. 

Improve your seating and give your customers a longer lasting and cost effective option.

A better solution for your customers

For your customers' benefit, this low maintenance option can keep furniture plump for many years ensuring satisfaction and a firmness that is difficult to find elsewhere. Our fibre wrap-foam core cushions provide those with feather allergies a relief. If you'd like to discuss the options available for your firm, contact us today on 020 8204 8411.

Providing your customers with more choice

We're dedicated to ensuring that you can satisfy your customers by providing them with a number of options. With a wealth of experience, Aerofoam have manufactured and designed combinations to complement the different fillings used in order to ensure flexibility with your products.

We stock 15 grades of foam as well as special purpose grades and chipfoam to give you a choice of 20 grades to select from. With more choice comes happier customers, and depending on their tastes, you can ensure that you become their one-stop shop for all of their furniture needs. Need a different option because of feather allergies? Provide them with our foam and fibre solutions. For more information, get in touch with us today on 020 8204 8411.