What can you use our hollow fibre for?

• Cushions
• Duvets and quilts
• Pillows
• Scatter cushions
• General nonwovens 

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A durable and comfortable option for
back cushions.

Recommended for back cushions and pillows, our hollow fibre comes with a corovin or calico case for you to choose from. Although not as durable as some of our seating options, these fibres can be used for your sofa's bottom cushions if complemented and wrapped by our foam products. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to match your specification, you can choose from oblong, rectangular, round and even heart shaped fibre scatters.

Make the right choice for your furniture

With over 60 years of experience providing our customers with the finest options, you can choose our recommended hollow fibre which is a man-made synthetic that is 51mm in length - and designed to trap air to produce loft, comfort, and warmth. Increase the reputation of your products with our long lasting option suitable for an array of different types of seat backs and cushions. Get in touch with us today in London for hollow fibre manufacturers that you can trust to help improve your furniture. Call us on 020 8204 8411.

Providing your customers with more choice

We're dedicated to ensuring that you can satisfy your customers by providing them with a number of options. With a wealth of experience, Aerofoam have manufactured and designed combinations to complement the different fillings used in order to ensure flexibility with your products.

We stock 15 grades of foam as well as special purpose grades and chipfoam to give you a choice of 20 grades to select from. With more choice comes happier customers, and depending on their tastes, you can ensure that you become their one-stop shop for all of their furniture needs. Need a different option because of feather allergies? Provide them with our foam and fibre solutions. For more information, get in touch with us today on 020 8204 8411.